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Application management with Pulsus: Here’s how it works

If your company works with many corporate mobile devices and this is a vital asset for your business, you must have already thought about having a smartphone and tablet manager (MDM – Mobile Device Management). This type of technology has many advantages, including the management of applications on corporate mobile devices (or MAM – Mobile Application Management). If you are looking for such a solution on the market, get to know the better software: Pulsus.

How Pulsus application management works

Pulsus has a specific menu to facilitate the management of applications for your company’s teams. You can upload the installer file for the desired program (with the extension.apk for Android or.ipa for iOS) and choose which groups of devices should receive it in order in this menu designed for managing applications.

With the help of this service, your business might, for example,  distribute a single program or update in a massive, remote, and fast way. You no longer have to depend on Google Play and user download/installation behavior when you upload the app installer file to Pulsus.

Your business can increase the security of smartphones and tablets By gaining more control over what is used on the devices and avoiding, for example, harmful software or out-of-date versions of applications.

Additionally, by implementing Pulsus, you may help your staff save time and money with expenses with your company’s data package. The savings come with updating settings (only through wifi or wifi+data network) and blocking applications that are not of interest to the daily work of your company’s teams.

As a result, application management enables you to manage the apps that can be used by the different user types in your company. Some apps are essential for sellers, while others are crucial for drivers or delivery staff.

Application management is used to determine when and under what circumstances the apps should be downloaded and/or used, which is another good practice for increasing your business’s efficiency.

In this way, you prevent an important application for a sales team, a technical team, or a logistics team from being updated during working hours, or worse, during a critical operation for the company – which could cause loss of data, work, and results (whether it’s losing a sale, failing to close a deal, or delaying a delivery).

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Approval of new application version

Pulsus facilitates the approval of new versions of applications. Consider a program that a group of drivers from a logistics company uses, for example. The IT team is still unsure of how the upcoming update to this software will operate on the regular corporate mobile devices used by drivers.

Assuming that in our example the company has hundreds of active drivers, the IT team must authorize the new version of the program just on a portion of these users’ devices. Technicians can verify that testing is done with just a sample of users by managing apps using Pulsus, allowing them to validate the new version before putting it into production.

After this new version of the application has been approved, the IT manager can update all users that remain to be integrated into the new version, or in case of failures, the test group that participated in the approval must return to the stable version.

This suggestion is valid for both newly developed applications that the organization is testing and updates to already existing applications, keeping in mind that some of these upgrades may include new features. Application management facilitates the entire procedure, from the approval stage to the point at which an application is distributed or updated.

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 Massive, fast, and efficient management

Pulsus Application Management gives you the greatest technology available to install, update, and uninstall software on the mobile devices used by your business massively, quickly, and efficiently.

Forget the manual work of managing device by device!

With Pulsus technology, you can even act separately to solve a specific problem in a specific device, but the majority of management will be carried out in a massive way and with scale gain.

Pulsus makes it easy to manage apps and identify smartphones and tablets that have (or don’t) important apps installed and updated. This brings agility to the IT team and employees who depend on devices operating at full capacity.

Management with Pulsus also allows you to identify unnecessary applications that were installed directly by users and fix this problem easily. Applications pre-installed at the factory cannot be uninstalled, but if the device supports it, Pulsus can disable them in order to preserve memory, processing power, and battery life.

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