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Boost performance and data intelligence.

With Pulsus, you boost data and performance analytics in your business.

Provide relevant data
for other business areas:

With our enterprise mobile device manager, you can bring important information to various departments in your business.

  • Control of the usage periods of each device.
  • Monitoring of uploads and downloads of files submitted through the platform.
  • Management of apps available in the launcher.

Real Time

With Pulsus, you track important
information about your devices.

  • Location monitoring
  • Device tracking
  • Battery level and memory availability

Data consumption management

The MDM solution allows monitoring of data consumption by Wi-Fi, mobile internet and application of each mobile device.

  • Data consumption management in 3G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G and Wi-Fi
  • Mobile device consumption management
  • Consumption management by application

Gestão de consumo de dados
Análise e inteligência de dados

Data analysis and intelligence

Pulsus provides reports that enable a variety of relevant data combinations to understand and improve the management of your mobile devices.

  • Export reports in CSV format (Excel, Apache OpenOffice, Google Docs)
  • Result of the use of installed apps, inventories, battery, memory, among others

A solução MDM da Pulsus faz a sua empresa acelerar.

Confira alguns dos nossos cases:

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Ferragens Negrão

See How Ferragens Negrão optimized the management of over 1300 corporate mobile devices with help from Pulsus.

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