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what makes a difference.

Pulsus creates technological solutions that bring ease of use, growth and connection to people and businesses.

About Pulsus

Pulsus is a company that specializes in delivering mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Through technology, Pulsus customers can manage their teams in an automated way, especially employees and representatives who use corporate tablets and smartphones.

Device Manager?
Pulsus MDM.

A complete platform with a simple and intuitive interface, Pulsus MDM is increasingly essential for companies that have entered digital transformation, as it enables:

  • Data security;
  • Management of external teams;
  • Performance analysis;
  • Easy and automated administration.

Advantages of using
Pulsus MDM.

Easy and smooth management

The agile and simplified platform allows the manager to have more confidence and time to develop the team’s performance.

Security and design

Good experiences make all the difference to businesses. The intuitive platform, data security, and the personalized and assisted service are essential points that differentiate Pulsus’ mobile device manager in the technology market.

Innovation and intelligence

The automation, updating and quick customization of data, resources and interface provide the fastest solution for your challenges, thus redirecting the time of managers and teams to new ideas, decisions and actions.

Productivity and economy

The platform allows full-time monitoring of external teams as well as the battery life of mobile devices. In addition, you can control the usage time of devices. It’s much more productivity and savings for your business.

MDM Solutions Excellence

ulsus brings with it the seal of excellence of MDM Solutions, a company specializing in mobility management with more than five years of experience in the IT and mobile telephony market.

Over 800,000 licenses activated on corporate smartphones and tablets worldwide

Pulsus is a member of
Endeavor’s Scale-Up Program

Pulsus strives for technological excellence and also for providing a great experience to customers, partners and employees. That is why we participate in Endeavor’s Scale-Up Program, to always bring the best solutions in mobile technology to the market.

Talk to one of our consultants

We have a team that specializes in the best technologies to manage your company’s mobile devices and connect your team and representatives even more.

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