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The MDM solution that makes a difference.

Pulsus has developed the complete MDM solution for mobile device management. With the Pulsus platform, you perform an agile and intuitive management of your company, especially of the external teams with corporate smartphones and tablets. It’s more performance and data security for those who have already entered digital transformation.

For the IT


  • Activation of company systems.
  • Search for new technology solutions.
  • Updated and fully functioning platforms and applications.
  • Data security.

How Pulsus will help

  • Easy implementation and activation of apps and data.
  • Monitor the battery life of mobile devices.
  • Simple, intuitive interface with great power of data and design customization.
  • Reduced manual support for mobile devices.


  • Communication between areas.
  • App control.
  • Contact and management of activities and processes of the field team.
  • Location and performance of the external team.

How Pulsus will help

  • Agile and remote integration of the company’s departments.
  • Set date and time for app usage.
  • Activation or blocking of apps, websites, and authorized phone numbers for calls.
  • Sending notifications and files remotely and massively.
  • Exchange of data and files remotely and massively.




  • Communication with teams and representatives.
  • Contact and management of the activities and processes of the field team.
  • Location and performance management of external team.
  • Development and analysis of reports.

How Pulsus will help

  • Track your team’s activities through the platform.
  • Track data consumption, battery level, signal strength, and more.
  • View geolocation history.
  • Export reports.

How It Works:

We boost high performance through technology.

Learn why Pulsus is the best mobile device manager for your company.

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Main questions

What is MDM?

MDM or Mobile Device Management is an activity which is not only about keeping an inventory of how many and which cell phones, smartphones and tablets a company owns, but also about cataloging information (models of devices, used in which areas, by which employees, among others) and configuring these phones/tablets correctly.

How does the Pulsus solution work?

Pulsus MDM works through two software pieces: one is called Agent, which is the application that needs to be installed on all corporate mobile devices in your company; the second is the so-called Management Center, which is where settings, functionalities, and usage restrictions can be set/operated.

Agent is an app installed on the devices and the Central is software in the cloud – that is, you access it through a browser, with your company’s login and password.

What IT infrastructure does my company need to have?

The only items needed are corporate smartphones/tablets and a computer with a browser and Internet access. That way you just need to install the Agent app on your devices and access the Management Center on your computer.

Does the Pulsus solution also include technical support?

Yes. In addition to hiring Pulsus MDM as software as service, you are also entitled to Pulsus technical support service, which is in constant contact with the developers of the tool to provide quick and efficient solutions to any problems.

How does the Pulsus hiring model work?

Pulsus licensing is per device and may be Monthly or Annual. In the Monthly plan, your company only pays the amount corresponding to the devices used in the previous month, allowing the increase and reduction of devices according to your demand. It is ideal for companies that have variations during the year (e.g., chocolate promoters during the Easter period).

Meanwhile, in the Annual plan, you save on the amount per license, but with a minimum number of devices commitment. It is ideal for more stable operations that do not change the number of devices much over the course of the year.