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Manage all corporate mobile devices in one super app.

Operational efficiency: Replace time- and effort-intensive manual processes with automated operations and focus on strategic activities.

Robust security: Prioritize corporate security and integrity to keep company and customer data safe, free from cyber risks and threats.

High productivity: Invest in technological tools that help professionals perform and offer remote, real-time support.

Pulsus mobi no smartphone
Android enterprise Recommended

Mais do que uma recomendação
uma distinção para os melhores.

A Pulsus é a 1ª solução da América Latina a conquistar o Android Enterprise Recommended,
estando entre as 10 do mundo que detém a certificação máxima emitida pela Google.

Este selo hoje é destinado a poucas empresas no mundo que superam os padrões mais exigentes
de qualidade para garantir maior segurança e eficiência dos dispositivos móveis no ambiente corporativo.

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Discover our plans!

Understand which stage of the Corporate Mobility Journey your company is at and choose the plan that best meets your needs.


Manage corporate mobile devices simply, securely and efficiently.


  • Comprehensive visibility into mobile devices and apps for more strategic management.
  • Savings from the reduction of unnecessary purchases of new devices, due to wear and tear and misuse.
  • Confidence in automatic inventory control, through precise technologies.
  • Proves suspected fraud due to loss/theft, in cases of user change.

43% of fraudulent actions in companies are carried out by operational-level employees.

Count on robust security features that ensure protection and compliance with corporate policies.


  • Compliance and alignment with privacy regulations and ISOs, enabling data privacy and information security.
  • Protection against cyber attacks and risks, such as malware and ransomware.
  • Confidence in the security of corporate data, which requires total protection.
  • Guarantee of corporate integrity, preserving ethical principles and values.

Global companies spend US$8 trillion due to cybercrime damage.



Simplify the way you manage corporate mobile devices and make the experience transformative.


  • Customize the devices’ app screen with a unique proposal from your company, creating a new interface and only have allowed applications.
  • Remote and quick app installation and update, reducing support time and increasing field team productivity.
  • Complete management of rules and access – permissions and blocks – in batch.
  • Reduction in data plan consumption, ensuring predictability and savings.

46% of Brazilian companies use automation digital in your processes.

Drive operational efficiency, cost savings, and robust end-to-end security.


  • Visibility in the route of employees, minimizing excessive costs and fraud.
  • Support field teams by accessing and operating their devices remotely.
  • Ease of managing terms of use, adapting company policies to the use of mobile devices.
  • Battery health and temperature management to extend device life and ensure consistent performance.

7 of the 10 technologies most used by companies are for the production process.


1st EMM/MDM solution in Latin America to win the Android Enterprise Recommended seal by Google.


Getting to know Pulsus

See how it works:

Main questions

What is MDM?

MDM or Mobile Device Management is an activity which is not only about keeping an inventory of how many and which cell phones, smartphones and tablets a company owns, but also about cataloging information (models of devices, used in which areas, by which employees, among others) and configuring these phones/tablets correctly.

How does the Pulsus solution work?

Pulsus MDM works through two software pieces: one is called Agent, which is the application that needs to be installed on all corporate mobile devices in your company; the second is the so-called Management Center, which is where settings, functionalities, and usage restrictions can be set/operated.

Agent is an app installed on the devices and the Central is software in the cloud – that is, you access it through a browser, with your company’s login and password.

What IT infrastructure does my company need to have?

The only items needed are corporate smartphones/tablets and a computer with a browser and Internet access. That way you just need to install the Agent app on your devices and access the Management Center on your computer.

Does the Pulsus solution also include technical support?

Yes. In addition to hiring Pulsus MDM as software as service, you are also entitled to Pulsus technical support service, which is in constant contact with the developers of the tool to provide quick and efficient solutions to any problems.

How does the Pulsus hiring model work?

Pulsus licensing is per device and can be Monthly or Annual. In the Monthly plan, your company only pays the amount corresponding to the devices used in the previous month, allowing the increase and reduction of devices according to your demand. It is ideal for companies that have variations during the year (e.g., chocolate promoters during the Easter period).

Meanwhile, in the Annual Plan, you save on the amount per license, but with a minimum number of devices commitment. It is ideal for more stable operations that do not change the number of devices much over the year.

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