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Segurança de dispositivos móveis

How does Pulsus EMM ensure high security and compliance?

See how Pulsus Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps companies to be secure and compliant with laws, regulations, and corporate policies

Investing in an enterprise mobility management solution has been the choice of thousands of companies to protect their data and keep their privacy and security up to date. After all, organizations have a lot to lose regarding mobile security. 

With the evolution of new technologies and anywhere working, sensitive data has come to reside on mobile devices, and its usage is increasingly for personal use and in the workplace to solve critical business tasks.

Pulsus enterprise mobility management software coupled with Android Enterprise (AE) works to protect enterprises and their data by using Google’s technology to provide best-in-class security and privacy services.

There are multi-layered security defenses assembled into all AE devices, and those coupled with the Pulsus EMM solution provide the protection your organization needs to keep corporate information and devices safe and secure in-app.

With this robust coverage, the data is more than preserved against threats and malicious software, such as the current Fleckpe malware, which collects information from the handset and leverages the data to enroll the phone number in paid subscription services. The method is so complex that it includes intercepting the device’s notifications, preventing the owner from viewing the confirmation of their subscription to the platforms. 

The corporate world is paying attention to this. The increase in ransomware cases, with increasingly complex encryption, requires high data security parameters, with a need for investment in an efficient mobile security system.

Pulsus EMM, the only solution in Latin America with the Android Enterprise Recommended emblem from Google, operates in the market, ensuring high standards of enterprise security and methods that ensure integration to the compliance required by national and international laws, norms, and policies.

Want to know how this solution ensures high security and compliance with LGPD and ISOs?

Read on to find out! 

Google-standard security

AE’s safety apparatus combined with Pulsus, contains encryption that keeps your data highly secure, even when devices are lost. Security is regularly examined and verified, not only by our own highly trained professionals but also by independent security experts.

So we leverage the expertise and experience of our ecosystem partners to develop even better protections. With Android Enterprise, not only does it provide users with comprehensive protection, it gives IT teams complete control to secure their employees and mobile devices.

With comprehensive management options that allow uncut device usage or separation of work and personal use, AE on synergy with Pulsus makes it simple to keep company data safe and secure.

Keeping cell phones and tablets in line with ISOs

With Pulsus’ corporate mobile and tablet manager, you define which applications will be used and installed on your corporate devices. This way, the company prevents malicious software from infecting the devices and stealing stored data. 

In addition, the feature inhibits information from being saved and shared in chat applications, for example. And, with Pulsus EMM, all this can be done remotely and massively for all devices under the company’s governance without having to have phones or tablets at hand.

The advantage of installing and updating apps with the Pulsus solution is the quick and easy implementation of data collection tools that enable consent from their owners. Thus, Pulsus EMM makes life easier for IT professionals and end-users who use the devices in their professional routines.

Another point where the Pulsus tool assists in adapting to LGPD and ISOs is by facilitating the deletion of data from the devices. With the utter enterprise mobility strategy in the LatAM market, it is possible to remotely send files, delete apps and documents saved on cell phones and tablets. For instance, assistance in eliminating already sent records to a CRM.

Finally, with the Pulsus mobile device management solution, you can eliminate a common problem in companies with mobile devices: off-hours work. With complete and efficient software, you define a usage schedule for the devices, which you can customize according to each day of the week, and also with each group of devices, according to the activity schedules of the company’s employees.

Count on Pulsus

Committed to keeping companies and users safe, Pulsus seeks constant improvement for its product, valuing maximum security and protection for operations that involve corporate mobile devices.

With advanced features and functionalities, flexible for different corporate maturity levels, Brazil’s #1 solution serves companies of different segments and sizes.

Contact one of our experts to learn more about the high-performance solution revolutionizing the mobility market.

To test the solution for free and experience all the features, request the Pulsus trial with our consultants and see the benefits.

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