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New possibilities and more competitiveness.

Pulsus’ EMM solution helps companies to take maximum advantage of mobile devices through strategic features, allowing efficient management and adding value to processes of different business structures. 

Become a Pulsus’ partner and add Latin America’s EMM leader in your corporate solutions pack. 

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Micro and Small Businesses,
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Resales and sellers.


Medium and large companies. Integrate Pulsus’ EMM with other solutions and sells a resource package for clients.

Become a Pulsus’ EMM partner

Talk with a specialist:

Benefits for partners.



Low cost per license.


Demo and trial

Free up to 20 licenses.


Number of licenses

The client’s managers are free to add or remove licenses under their responsibility. 


Technical training

Offered to contribute for Partner’s qualification and better understanding of the platform.


Commercial training

 Provided to support your sales strategy about new platform features and new Pulsus’ products. 


See why Pulsus’ EMM is the best mobile device manager for your clients.

Data security

Guarantee the data security preventing unauthorized app install and controlling the use of device’s resources. Besides that, we have an extra layer of protection being certified by Android Enterprise Recommended.

Team management

Easy management of external teams, improving processes and defining with precision who’s using certain devices.

Report analysis

Get more insights and performance analysis through data and usage reports.

Increase of productivity

More productivity through automation of commands, remote control and mass update of devices.

Cost and risk reduction

Provides cost saving and risk reduction with data consumption analysis and exclusive features, as drive’s mode and device’s lifespan evaluation.

Who is it for?

Pulsus’ EMM solution can be used by any business (public or private) with mobile devices independent of company size or segment. Check below some of the sectors we already attend:

• Wholesale

• Distribution

• Education

• Industry

• Logistics

• Health

• Services

• Retail

Pulsus’ EMM main features

Pulsus’ EMM allows teams to be more efficient and agile standing out in a highly competitive market, with ease and less cost for companies. Thus, employees can invest time and effort in what really makes a difference for business.

Our platform provides features that help our customers manage their mobile devices more efficiently.

Customizable Launcher

The launcher is the home screen, the “desktop” of a smartphone or tablet. This is where the shortcuts to the device’s main apps and settings are located, it also controls the “home” menu where the apps can be accessed. That’s why it’s so important that this element is customizable and in full control of your company.

Online Inventory

With the online inventory of mobile devices, it is possible not only to know the number of devices used at the moment, but also to check the employees responsible for using them.

When equipment changes from user, this feature also helps to protect business data as it is possible to delete information that cannot be shared.

This practice also helps to prevent improper access to corporate data in the event of theft or robbery. With Mobile Device Management, you can also lock your device if it is lost or stolen.

Mobile Location Display

Whether for security reasons (in the case of stolen/lost devices) or even to avoid inappropriate behavior (such as inactivity or route deviations), knowing the location of devices is vital information for a company. It ensures productivity, efficiency and peace of mind for both managers and employees.

The Pulsus Manager allows definition of device’s configuration and restrictions as to prevent GPS to be deactivated on phones/tablets, making it possible to identify route improvements or to send help for employees having problem with their vehicle. 

Install and update apps remotely

With an EMM tool, your company can be sure that its devices have all the relevant applications and settings for the best use. In other words, there are no devices with different configurations, without available storage space or keyfiles for the sector’s activities.

This solution enables remote, secure and mass install and update of applications. t Furthermore, the ability to block unwanted apps means that employees are not distracted by other apps (e.g. social networks).

Another advantage of managing phones and tablets with the Pulsus solution is that app updates can be scheduled according to conditions of interest to your business.

All this makes phones and tablets have performance improvement (since they do not have several unnecessary applications) and extended lifespan.

Track data consumption

Among the Pulsus’ EMM features, there is the ability to check and track data consumption by network type, app and device. This makes it easier to identify points of improvements, increase (or reduction) of corporate data plan and help employees with problems on their devices.

Drive's mode

It’s an Pulsus’ EMM feature with a simple and important goal: to ensure the safety of those who work with smartphones and need to drive.  This feature will assure that the device will only run apps (such as GPS) while moving above a certain speed.

One of the most common factor responsible for traffic accidents is distraction, which is why it is so important that your company offers measures that reinforce the safety of the employees.

Results you can take to your client with Pulsus’ EMM

  • Reduce your mobile data plan consumption;

  • Reduce the technical support need;

  • Increase the team’s productivity;

  • Reduce extra hours needed;

  • Avoid using the device outside working hours;

  • Provide more security for device user;

  • Decrease the frequency of switching and purchasing new devices;

  • Keep data safe, and more!

Why Pulsus?


Latin America leader

Pulsus’ EMM is the most used solution in Latin America, with almost 1 million managed devices and almost one thousand satisfied customers, being the choice of many market leaders. 

Android enterprise recommended badge_RGB

Android Enterprise Recommended

One of the 10 global EMM solutions to conquer the Android Enterprise Recommended badge, dedicated to those who achieve the high standards of security and efficiency according to Android’s terms.


Less dispersion,
more productivity

We are a solution focused on managing mobile devices, increasing productivity, efficiency, cost saving and risk reduction. An intuitive and easy-to-implement tool.


With all the expected features
and more

Besides managing inventory, controlling devices remotely and in mass, preventing app installations and the use of specific features, we enable insights through countless reports, increase legal security for organizations and reduce costs and risks with exclusive features.


Robust, complete and yet
simple to use

With our Customer Success team, we were able  to implement the EMM in record time and reduced the solution’s learning curve. Your client has never used such an efficient and intuitive tool.


Limitless free trial

We are so confident in our solution that we release all Pulsus’ EMM resources for you to manage as many devices as you want, before contracting, so you can try it out without any kind of commitment.

About Pulsus:

Pioneer and reference in mobile device management solutions in Latin America, Pulsus manages almost one million mobile devices in more than 1,000 clients around the world.

We are an official partner of Google to help companies manage corporate devices through Android Enterprise (AE), also, we are part of Endeavor’s Scale Up Program and, in 2021, we won the Great Place To Work seal, one of the most important in the corporate world.

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