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Employee experience: how to improve with a mobility strategy?

Discover how to retain your employees using an effective enterprise mobility strategy (EMM) and how this can improve the work experience

Improving the employee experience is not a new concept in the corporate universe. This discussion has existed for a few years now yet, only recently, it has evolved at an accelerated pace, especially concerning the vision and approach of this concept that gained light after the ‘great resignation’ when thousands of Brazilians resigned from their jobs because they were not satisfied with their companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for organizations about the workforce, which now requires more flexibility, mental health care, and a culture that contemplates inclusion and diversity. However, the crisis also created opportunities that raised salient issues to improve the worker’s day-to-day life in the professional environment.

According to the Employee Experience Overview 2023 report, which heard more than 390 thousand employees in Brazil and Latin America from different age groups, genders, and hierarchical levels, the main dissatisfactions from professionals were about recognition, growth, and development in the company. 

Looking at the study, it is easy to understand that it is necessary to strengthen the culture of continuous development and recognition of the professionals along the journey. As well as it is needful to offer aid and tools for the worker to achieve their goals and objectives within the company.

According to a survey by Progic, 67% of companies will prioritize the employee experience in 2023. One of the main challenges faced is the lack of effectiveness in reaching institutional messages. 45% of the interviewees cited internal communication as a problem in the company.  

In order to minimize talent loss and decrease turnover, many organizations are betting on new technologies to remain resilient, connected, and employee-centric.

The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution by Pulsus is an example of disruptive software that worldwide companies use to offer the manager complete monitoring of the corporate mobile devices, providing a faster and remote service to the final user.

In addition, by having a friendly interface, the Pulsus enterprise mobile and tablet management solution aims to assist the worker in their daily activities, providing more efficiency to operations and optimizing the professional’s time and effort, which fetches up much more productivity.

Want to know how to improve the employee experience using an enterprise mobility strategy?

Read this post and see how the Pulsus solution can enhance the workday and connect the professional to your company.

EMM Pulsus: a solution to enhance the employee experience

The search for operational excellence and product/service innovation causes many companies to set attention aside from creating a confounded employee experience. However, today’s workers expect much more from companies than competitive compensation. 

Having a journey and experience focused on employee wellness, with approaches driven by human values and enabled by technologies and interactions that create meaning and connection, can drive business results.

Happiness is proven to impact performance. Therefore, adopting policies consistent with the company’s culture and going beyond the speech makes the employee feel prestigious and impulsive to evolve along with the company.

For this, the Pulsus EMM platform has resources and features that help enhance the employee experience. Among the main ones, we highlight

Metrics Dashboard, which contains relevant data and information for inventory analysis. 

Customized Launcher, with the possibility of integrating the company’s time and attendance, minimizing the risks of unpaid overtime.

Driver Mode blocks the device when it reaches the maximum allowed speed, suggesting the driver decelerate to avoid fines.

Remote Support, with access to information such as storage and memory, helps in the agile service, especially for front-line workers.

Dashboard of indicators, which shows the battery level of the users, anticipating risks and avoiding negative impact on the operation.

Launcher configuration with resources that indicate the location and check-in, tracking and ensuring the confirmation of presence at the point of sale.

Configuration of the device with the availability of reports, considering the time of use and distribution of applications.

Complete device management, enabling all corporate data to be protected. With location tracking in real-time, it is quick and easy to track the device and recover them in case of robbery.

Build a more connected employee journey

Putting the employee experience at the center of the workday starts by designing a strategy that will deliver greater employee satisfaction. And for that, technology can be a great ally.

Investing in efficient work management solutions, such as a complete EMM that manages the company’s mobile devices from end to end, ensures employees have their disposables processes organized, with countless benefits that increase their performance and productivity.

Want to learn more about ways to utilize technology to provide a better experience for your company’s employees and thus contribute to better efficiency and agility in operations involving tablets and corporate cell phones?

Contact one of Pulsus’ experts and see how an enterprise mobility management strategy can make a difference for your business.

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