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How to obtain more precision and speed in processes involving mobility?

Learn how to get more assertiveness in processes involving corporate cell phones and tablets to ensure more agility and efficiency in operations

Being more productive while spending less has always been an obsession in the corporate world. With the market moving increasingly to the digital world, corporate mobility management strategies aim to support companies that need to overcome the challenges of the new times, such as lack of connectivity and operational processes performed manually.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a software that combines technological resources to offer companies more efficiency and protection in services involving technological devices. 

While in Brazil, the use of mobile device managers in the workplace is low, in North American countries, it is widespread; all the companies adopt EMM to boost their business.

It’s estimated that the worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management market, valued at $5.79 billion in 2020, is expected to reach $11.96 billion by 2026. This growth should also expand to countries like Brazil, mainly because many companies seek a technological solution that helps promote better results. 

That is, companies are increasingly investing in new technologies intending to increase the efficiency of their operations involving enterprise mobile devices, including personal data protection mechanisms and corporate security.

Do you want to know how obtaining more precision and speed in mobility processes is possible?

Read on to find out!

The future expects more flexibility and mobility from companies

Providing a workplace that helps professionals perform better and offers them tools that boost their productivity seems to be the right recipe for retaining talent. Most workers want to develop their careers and work in an environment that values a culture of innovation.

Indicating a path that meets with assertiveness the needs of customers will certainly make them loyal, after all, a particular company has offered them exactly what they need or want at that moment.

While pondering over this contemporary market demand, Pulsus developed high-quality and adaptable mobile device management software to serve businesses of different sizes and segments.

Pulsus Mobile Device Management (MDM) is one of the ten global EMM solutions with the Google Android Enterprise Seal. Gladly for you, this means a complete and high-level solution to manage mobility in your company.

For more accuracy and speed, your business needs relevant data and information available in real-time to those who need to use it for work, as well as secure against intrusions and cyber attacks.

Powering mobile activities on a single platform that provides end-to-end information visibility, the Pulsus solution helps enterprises deal with the complexities of enterprise mobile and tablet services through a disruptive experience.

The software intelligently manages data from multiple sources, reducing the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks while enhancing navigation with an intuitive interface. In addition, it offers privileged visualization of the status of activities and metrics, which can produce richer data insights on mobility issues and customer trends.

Transparency and savings throughout the management journey

Complete mobility visibility through configurable dashboards for viewing workflow activities, demographics, battery levels, vehicle tracking, costs, and many other features.

Remotely and in batch mode, Pulsus makes available for its customers’ security and control in mobile device operations. Besides bringing automation to the processes, the solution generates savings in time and money, optimizing resources for more strategic activities.

Mobility challenges how we experience the world. Whether in our daily lives, at home, or work. Mobility management broadens your perspective on productivity and efficiency. Multicultural thinking, teamwork, and promoting mental health are at the heart of many successful companies. 

That’s why Pulsus challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and take off with us. Rest assured that everything on our platform is designed to help you and your team work with greater ease and performance.

Contact one of our experts and learn more about how Pulsus partners with its customers to drive growth, increasing digital maturity and exponentially transforming business.

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