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Case Translovato

Pulsus reduced mobile data plan consumption, simplified controls and increased the company’s operational efficiency.

Pulsus e Translovato

Translovato has over 35 years of experience in the delivery of goods in 3,200 Brazilian cities

Translovato is a transportation company specializing in the south and southeast regions of Brazil for sectors such as textiles, leather/shoes, autoparts, general merchandise and toys, home and construction, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics/beauty. Serving over 3.200 cities, the company believes in commitment and high quality service.

“We looked at all the MDM solutions in the market and opted for Pulsus to face our challenge”

Mobile Device Management was based on a manual inventory, with long auditing cycles and a high nonconformity rate. Monitoring the services of these devices was done reactively. Pulsus was the solution to automate these processes.

Initial Scenario

In this scenario, management based on MDM solutions was key to the accuracy of the inventory, control of the devices’ data plan consumption and the increase of operational productivity through the control of installed apps usage.

“Translovato went to the market and analyzed the top players with MDM solutions. The most adherent option to Translovato’s context and demands was the Pulsus product.”

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

The devices managed by Pulsus make it possible for Translovato to track the current location with just one synchronization with the agent. The apps installed are controlled (through version control), unauthorized apps are blocked and the data service consumption is monitored by an app for a specified time period.

Such management efficiency provided increased productivity and stability in operational service.

Lower data plan usage

Economy in expenses related to the company’s smartphones

Blocking of unauthorized apps

The company controls the apps that will be used by employees

Operational efficiency increase

Simplification of app installation and file distribution

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