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MDM solutions significantly contribute to the company’s decision making

To make the greatest choices for the business, a company needs access to strategic and recent information. However, it might be challenging to obtain the most important information from business mobile devices at the right moment without MDM solutions. (an acronym for Mobile Device Management).

Do you know how this technology can help your company in decision-making? If your company works with corporate mobile devices, the Pulsus MDM solution can decisively help with the sourcing of important information, helping to manage smartphones and tablets, improving the performance of your teams, and bringing cost savings to your company. 

See how MDM solutions contribute to decision making

For starters, MDM solutions provide the geolocation and inventory of corporate mobile devices. The dashboard of this kind of solution, like Pulsus, recognizes the circumstances and position of each device when you register the cellphones and tablets used by your business.

This information is essential for making many decisions. Your business can study behavior patterns and also give out instructions using this data. For example, warn an employee who leaves early with less than 100% battery available that he must recharge the device in the car or; in the case of a smartphone or tablet with a battery life problem, the company can replace that device or battery.

Information obtained through corporate mobile devices can help discover whether or not employees are committed to their work. Your company will be able to identify, for example, who is really having difficulties performing day-to-day operations because their smartphone or tablet has a problem and differentiate this profile from that employee who “makes excuses” for not performing their role well.

This identification of your team’s profile helps in valuing good professionals and recognizing who is offering above-average delivery. This information can also influence the negotiation with the telephone operators from the moment that your company will be clear on how much each employee spends and needs data and minutes for calls.

Your business will also have an easier time analyzing investments made in smartphones and tablets if you have access to constantly updated information regarding corporate mobile devices. This is because your business will have a precise assessment of the demand for mobile devices by your teams, will reduce the misuse of devices, and will be able to minimize or even completely eliminate the losses and theft of smartphones and tablets used every day for business thanks to geolocation.

MDM systems, like the Pulsus Device Manager, can combine the data they collect with other tools on the market. By doing so, it may be possible to monitor the signal quality of cell phone operators and follow the routes of drivers, as well as professionals who work with the delivery of goods.