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Google Meet 2023: what changes in the video calling application?

Learn why Google Duo is now Google Meet and how the app changes affect professionals using the tool on enterprise mobile devices

If corporate mobility was already a global trend before 2020, the pandemic period accelerated the usage process, showing how fundamental corporate tablets and cell phones are for the increase of productivity and effectiveness of operational processes.

With the intensification of the use of Google Meet in the last two years, due to the mass migration of workers to the home office model, the tool became popular and took proportions never seen before.

In the era of global social isolation, in many companies, video calls became essential for the continuity of activities without much harm to the operation.

Following all this movement of society and the growing demand for the resource, Google started to offer functionalities to the public previously intended only for subscribers.

Meetings with unlimited duration, the possibility of recording sessions, administrator controls for meeting security, 250 people per meeting, and live streaming for up to 100,000 people, among others, were free of charge.

However, after the most critical pandemic, Google presents some new features. Want to know what has changed in video calling apps and whether this could affect productivity at work in 2023?

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If you are familiar with Android Enterprise and used Google Duo, you may have noticed that the app icon has changed to the same icon as Google Meet.

This change happened because, in late 2022, Google integrated Google Duo and Meet to bring together all the features that used to belong to both apps in one app.

According to the company, the idea is to offer only one video calling service to the user, making it easier and better for them to communicate through this tool.

With this joining of applications, Google has managed to cross the functions of two apps into one complete solution. Among the new functions are filters and effects, text and video messages, and even video conferences with phone numbers and email addresses.

Google Duo is now Meet

All existing Google Meet functions have been added to Duo, now Meet. This way, it will be possible to instantly schedule meetings, open video calls in pairs or groups, and even have Google Assistant make calls using the devices connected to the app.

Frontline workers who keep conversations, contacts, and messages on their mobile devices need not worry, the history remains saved in the app, and no information will be lost.

And just as those using cell phones and tablets managed by an efficient MDM, such as Pulsus, do not need to worry about updates, users who have Duo installed should not anticipate installing another application; keep the current one updated in the app store.

Those with Meet installed on their device can continue using the app usually. However, after the release of the updates, which should happen in mid-February 2023, users will be guided by the platform to use the new version.

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