Geolocation and
device tracking

With Pulsus, it is possible to easily track and locate your mobile devices, increasing the company’s security and productivity.

– Location Monitoring

– Mobile device tracking

– Increased productivity

map - Mobile Device Management video to gif - Mobile Device Management

Screen control (Launcher) of each device

Pulsus allows blocking the use of apps not authorized by the company .

– Blocking of personal use or in case of loss or theft

– Access only the websites allowed by the company

– Reduce data plan consumption

– Personalization of screen and access only to authorized Apps

Management of the company's mobile assets

With our solution you can manage devices and know who has each one.

– Privacy and information security

– Tracking of mobile devices

– Information on the User, Device Model, Operating System Version , Operator and much more

ativosmoveisfixed - Mobile Device Management video to gif 3 - Mobile Device Management

Driver Mode

With the manager, you can block and unblock apps according to the traveling speed (km/h).

– Blocking of the mobile device during the driver’s travel – GPS apps function normally 

– Control of app use according to the speed (km/h)

Remote updates and control of each device

With Pulsus you can optimize your IT department’s time, with device configuration being done remotely.

– Time optimization

– Increased productivity

– Distribution and updates of apps with scheduled times and selection of network type (4G and/or Wi-Fi) video to gif 2 - Mobile Device Management video to gif 1 - Mobile Device Management

Work Hours

Our solution allows you to configure the hours in which the mobile devices will function. 

– Control the use of apps and resources by hours of the day (restricting to the company’s work hours)

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