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Sementes Roos, a company with a history of over 50 years supplying seeds.

With 11 units and an Administrative Center, the company is located in Rio Grande do Sul with clients and partners in Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, and is a reference in supplying soybeans, wheat and corn.

"The most important factors in choosing Pulsus were the features offered."

Some strategic functions for the company’s business, such as the sales teams and the management team, use corporate mobile devices on their day-to-day activities. Before opting for the Pulsus solution, Sementes Roos used a simple app found on the Play Store, which did not meet the company’s demands.

The challenge faced by Sementes Roos

The main challenge identified by Sementes Roos on managing their smartphones prior to signing with Pulsus, was to find a way of avoiding the installation of  aplications in the corporate devices.

"The choice for Pulsus took into account the features offered by the platform, which met all of our demands"

While looking for a more complete solution for the management of corporate mobile devices and searching the internet,  Sementes Roos found Pulsus among the market leaders.

The choice for Pulsus took into account the features offered by the platform, which met the demands of Sementes Roos, the product price and also the fact that Pulsus was a Brazilian solution – with easier support and communication than the foreign options.

How Pulsus helped solving it

In less than a year of using Pulsus, Sementes Roos is already thinking about increasing the number of devices due to internal demand. The main functionalities of Pulsus used by the company are the control, management and updating of apps , besides the GPS.

With these features it is possible to choose the applications that have to be installed in corporate devices in a segmented fashion – according to the needs of each group of users, update them remotely and monitor the geographic location of the devices.

Among the main positive aspects, the company managers point to the ease of synchronizing the  configurations done on the app with devices that are out on the field and the detailed information about each device, such as the time since the last communication between the device and Pulsus.

Control over the use of devices

Total control over data usage and apps

Management of app updates

Control, management of app updates

User tracking via GPS

Tracking the user geolocation via platform

Depoimento Sementes Roos sobre Gerenciamento de Dispositivos Móveis

“The most important factors in our choice for Pulsus were the features offered. We have a large number of devices and we previously needed to bring the employees to the company to run updates, for example, generating a loss of time and productivity to the team, and now this is not necessary anymore. It improved our work a lot. 

The accessibility and flexibility in transmitting ideas and suggestions to the Pulsus team is fantastic. When we first got the solution, it had relatively few resources. However, after one year, we were surprised by the number of updates and improvements that were made since.”

Guilherme Becker

IT AssistAnt - Sementes Roos

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